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    Your inquiry into Oklahoma Christian Academy is very important and we welcome your interest.

  • Admission Requirements

    Applicants for admission to Oklahoma Christian Academy must furnish evidence that they are physically and emotionally fit, of good moral character, and academically capable. All applicants must:

    • Provide Records and Recommendations from Previous Schools
    • Be eligible for re-enrollment in all schools previously attended
    • Not have been suspended or expelled from school within the past twelve months
    • Have no academic semester grade average lower than "75"
    • Have acceptable conduct grades and work habits
    • Not be coming directly from any type of rehabilitation program (i.e., drug, alcohol, behavior, mental, etc.)
    • Agree to comply with all policies in the family handbook

    Students with documented learning differences may be considered for our SOAR program. OCA does not provide services or accommodations for behavioral needs.

  • Admissions Testing

    If all of the admissions requirements have been met, you will be contacted to schedule a math and reading entrance exam. This assessment is based on our current curriculum and will help determine a student’s academic success at OCA.

  • Interview with principal

    After all of the above has been submitted and reviewed, the applicant and family will interview with the principal to discuss mission, expectations, and to assess the appropriate fit between schools and family.

  • Acceptance

    Families will be notified of the final status of their application.