Block Scheduling 2023-2024

Through prayer and thoughtful collaboration with students, families and teachers, we are reexamining our daily academic rhythm. Based on our internal research — coupled with external literature — we have elected a hybrid four-period block A/B schedule. This schedule will maintain the same daily hours already established at OCA (8a-3:20p), while preserving our identity rooted in daily spiritual formation.

Under the new block schedule, students will attend four different classes a day, as opposed to eight; and the new schedule will continue to accommodate chapel, Bible courses, and utilize an athletic block for in-season sports.

Benefits of this structure include:

  • Increased time to complete homework
  • More balanced classes at a slower daily pace for students
  • Increased time to recover grades and make up for canceled school days
  • Additional elective opportunities for students
  • Deeper dive into curriculum and more opportunities for teachers to engage students

For those seniors who have exceeded credit requirements for graduation, we will be offering a more individualized track of education to enrich their senior year. We will continue to work to ensure that all individual students are given opportunities to reach their God-given potential and enjoy the traditionally, rich academic environment at OCA.

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